Everyday you can read about drug use and abuse in the newspaper: people taking drugs, selling drugs, robbing, stealing and even killing for drugs. In fact, government reports indicate that illegal drug use, which starts at a very early age, effects over 90% of all businesses and costs them over $170 BILLION annually in stolen inventory, missed work, poor performance, accidents and other problems.

Drugs are widespread in our schools, also. Students have access to more drugs today than at any other time in history.

Having witnessed several companies experience such losses, and having seen friends and families torn apart by drugs and alcohol, Steve Patrick launched Reliant Drug Test Solutions, LLC. His goal: to provide small businesses, schools and parents with solutions to the growing problem of drug use in their communities.

With a staff of trained professionals, Reliant offers specialized services to fit your needs. You won’t a find more dedicated and engaged staff than at Reliant. Their goal is to provide exceptional, personal service to all of their clients – big or small. And that’s easy for them, because each client has a drug testing protocol specifically tailored to their individual needs.

Reliant Drug Test Solutions for Businesses

Reliant Drug Test Solutions for Schools

Reliant Drug Test Solutions for Individuals and Parents


Conveniently located at 3400 Teays Valley Rd in Hurricane, Reliant Drug Test Solutions can provide your company with a variety of low cost solutions for employee screening, including urine, saliva or hair testing. From providing low cost drug test solutions and background check packages designed specifically for your business needs, to complete management of your substance abuse program Reliant Drug Test Solutions can be your one-stop-shop! DOT and non-DOT programs are available.

Additional services include:

  • On site collections – saving you lost production time and additional payroll costs from sending employees out for testing.
  • Policy Development and Consultation – services include everything from simply providing assistance to complete program construction and implementation.
  • K9 Drug Sweeps and Trace Evidence Detection to see if drugs have been brought onto your property.
  • Random Selection Service – To keep your company in compliance
  • Collections Services –If you are sending employees to Charleston or Huntington for specimen collections, you may be wasting valuable time and money. Reliant is a preferred specimen collection site for most ALL the labs in the United States. Quest, Medtox, LabCorp, RLI, ATN, and many other labs use our services. You may be able to send your employees to Reliant no matter who is administering your program. We are available for most ALL large, national companies.


Reliant Drug Test Solutions has quickly become the largest provider of ON-CAMPUS drug testing and student background checks in West Virginia. Reliant tests thousands of students each year who are entering or active in health care education. And our on-campus testing is win-win-win for everyone!

A Win for Students –

  • Students don’t have to find transportation to the testing site
  • They don’t have to find time in their schedule to make the trip
  • Identification issues are eliminated
  • Student Fees are generally decreased!

A Win for the School –

  • Results are available the same day!
  • Students can’t wait while they “get clean”
  • There are no “stragglers”.
  • On campus testing eliminates students preparing substitute or adulterated specimens

A Win for the Instructors –

  • Testing is scheduled to fit their teaching schedules
  • All students tested in one shot – done and over with
  • After hours or even weekend testing can be arranged
  • Reliant is FAST. We can collect over 40 specimens in an hour!

When a student gets tested off campus, they have an opportunity to get “clean”, prepare a substitute sample from a friend, buy some synthetic urine, or do a myriad of other things to get a passing test. The fact is, it only takes about 2-3 days to be off of most drugs for them not to show up in a sample.

Reliant Drug Test Solutions comes onto your campus on a day selected by the administration, and conducts the specimen collection on site. This eliminates the opportunity to “beat” a test. It is also much more convenient for the students. They no longer have to figure out how to get to the collection site on their time off. Often times it may be a genuine hardship for the student just to get to the collection site.

And the best thing is: It usually costs less for Reliant to come on campus than what you are paying now for off campus testing.


Reliant has many services available for individuals:

  • Paternity Testing – 100% accurate and legal in every state.
  • Background checks – Want to check out that new boyfriend?
  • Packages for Landlords – Check credit reports, eviction records, criminal background.
  • Teen Drug Testing for parents – in addition to finding out, testing gives your child an opportunity to say “NO!” when subjected to peer pressure. (“I can’t; my parents test me.”)
  • Speaker Service – If your group or organization is looking for a speaker, our president and founder is happy to come and speak for free. His half hour (approx) presentations are perfect for lunch or dinner meetings. Quick and packed with information, he is sure to provide you with eye opening information about drug use and abuse today.

Whether you are a business, school or a parent, Reliant Drug Test Solutions can find a solution to help you in the fight against drugs. For more information, contact Reliant at 304-397-6551 or Info@ReliantDrugTestSolutions.com.