The US Department of Labor estimates that business owners are losing over $170 Billion annually due to substance abuse in the workplace. Reliant Drug Test Solutions can offer solutions to help protect your company from these losses. Whether your company has been drug testing for years, or you are brand new to this idea, Reliant the perfect solution for you.

If Your Company is Currently Testing
Reliant Drug Test Solutions has solutions to reduce the overall cost of your program. We average a 30% savings over your current program provider!

If Drug Testing is New to your Company Reliant Drug Test Solutions can show you the best method to maximize your budget.

What Are The Benefits Of A Drug-Free Workplace?

  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced turnover
  • Reduced tardiness
  • Reduced absenteeism
  • Safer work environment
  • Saving of valuable time on the hiring process
  • Hiring only drug free employees
  • Reduced health insurance costs
  • Workers Comp Insurance Incentives – many States offer discounts

If You’re NOT Drug Testing Your Employees, You May Have a Staff No One Else Would Hire!

It all starts with a Drug Free Workplace Policy

You company should have a comprehensive Drug Free Workplace Policy (DFWP) in place. This will protect your company if and when you have to take negative employment action due to drug or alcohol issues. If you don’t already have a DFWP, Reliant can custom design a policy specifically tailored to your company and its needs.

This policy will comply with all federal and state regulations for regulated and non-regulated drug testing. Our consultants will meet your management staff to implement the policy; answering any questions and addressing all concerns you may have. We have developed policies for all types of employers!

If you already have a policy in place, Reliant will provide you with a free professional policy review to insure that your policy is up to date and offers you complete protection.

Why Do You Need A Drug And Alcohol Policy?

Without a DFWP you could have a difficult time reacting to and enforcing illegal drug use at your place of business. Accusations of discrimination or unfair hiring practices can easily have you in court. But when you have and follow a comprehensive DFWP, all your employees are treated fairly and know where you stand on drug and alcohol use; both on and off the job.

When Is Drug Testing Necessary?

At a minimum, testing should be done before hiring all new employees, i.e. Pre-Employment. Other times to test would be:

– After an injury or an accident
– Before a promotion
– Returning to work after an extended lay-off or other time away from the job
– Randomly – state laws dictate who can and cannot be tested on a random basis

What Type Of Testing Is Available?

Reliant has over 100 different types of drug and alcohol tests. Every client has different needs. A quick consultation can determine which test is right for you.

Urine Drug Testing – the most popular testing. These tests can detect drugs from 3-5 days from last use. Marijuana can be detected up to 8 weeks, depending on the frequency of use.

Oral Fluid (Saliva) Testing – Drugs can be detected as recently as 20 minutes after use to about 3 days out.

Hair Testing – will provide you the largest window of detection; from 90 days up to 12 months from last use.

We Can Bring the Testing To You

For an extra fee, Reliant can have certified specimen collectors come to your place of business to provide you with On-Site testing. On-site testing saves you an enormous amount of time as well as productivity. There’s no need to pull someone off the job for hours at a time just to send them “out for testing”. Having our collectors come to you allows you to continue production while we do the testing. Have employees working off-site or even out of state? Don’t worry. Reliant Drug Test Solutions has over 4000 collection sites all across the US and Canada.

Other Workplace Services Available

In addition to workplace drug and alcohol testing, we offer the following services:

– Customized Drug Free Workplace Policy development
– Employee Training
– DOT Supervisor Training
– Background Checks