Many Universities, Community and Technology Colleges and other schools have a need for student drug testing. Frequently it is required by employers before an internship or medical clinical program. It’s often a burden for the school, the program directors and instructors, and the students.

Reliant Drug Test Solutions has designed a Student Drug Testing Program specifically for University and College programs; On-Campus Testing.

Our On-Campus Testing program has many advantages:

Student Advantage:

  • There are no transportation issues
  • There are no scheduling issues for working students.
  • There are no identification issues. On campus testing allows for an instructor to vouch for that student.
  • Lower cost means lower student fees

School Program’s Advantage:

  • The element of surprise does not allow students to prepare a substitute or adulterated sample. Click here for a recent story
  • On-Campus testing eliminates the opportunity for an unscrupulous student to get “clean” before testing.
  • Evening classes can be easily accommodated

Program Directors and Instructors Advantage:

  • Results are reported the same day; no waiting and wondering
  • There are no “stragglers”. All students are tested at the same time. “One and Done
  • No class disruption. We work closely with the instructors to create a testing schedule that does not interfere with class time, including evenings and weekends
  • Reliant is FAST! For most classes we are in and out in 30 minutes!

And best of all — Reliant’s On-Campus Program saves everyone money. We can come onto campus for less than what other companies charge for off-site testing. 

Because of our commitment to providing schools with the quickest, most convenient and most accurate drug testing available, Reliant has quickly become the choice for student drug testing at the college level.

For a complete investigative package for your medical students, combine On-Site Testing with our Medical Student Background Check.

Call us for more details. We’d be happy to meet you, On-Campus of course, to discuss your options.